Monday, June 20, 2011

Best F R I E N D S: Joey Tribbiani

"...I'm a Tribbiani, and that's what we do! We may not be great thinkers or world leaders...but damn it, we can EAT!"

Ever met the guy in the bar who swaggers up to ask you "How you doin'?" Go on, admit it. You are actually that guy in the bar aren't you? Congrats if you are; you're a Joey.

- Joey is more famous for his womanising ways than he is for his acting. He seems to think nothing of cheating, and has many tricks up his sleeves to entice women into sleeping with him.

If you're like Joey, you enjoy female company and unlike your friends you have never had a problem on the social scene. While many women fall for you, you can be guilty of upsetting a few in the long run simply by not being specific about what you expect from your romantic liaisons. Joey eventually learns to let his conquests know what to expect, therefore holding up his end of the bargain.

- Joey comes from a predominantly female family. As a result, he is very protective towards the women he is close to.

You may not go as far as proposing to your pregnant single friend (which Joey manages to do twice); but whether she's a friend, sister or cousin, you'll be looking out for her. Joey reacts immediately with anger when his best friend fools around with his sister, and like him you can sometimes be a little quick to jump to conclusions.  However you'll get plenty of recognition and appreciation for being such a gent.

- Joey isn't known for his smarts, relying more on his ability to chat up women than his intellect.

Like their Italian-American counterpart, 'Joey's have a focused strength in a certain area. Joey Tribbiani's area happens to be pulling power. As a Joey, you may not be as slow-witted as he is, but you may be lacking in a certain area, such as common sense or sensitivity. However, you are a useful person to know for your talents: friends come to you for advice, and your reputation precedes you (be careful where your talents lie - this can be a negative thing!)

Joey's Best Moment: [SEASON 4 EP. 16 "The One With The Fake Party"]
Pregnant vegetarian Phoebe is expecting triplets and craving meat in a big way. However, she is incredibly moralistic and the thought of animals suffering just for her craving upsets her. Enter Joey, otherwise known as the carnivore. Despite his love of all things smoked, cured, breadcrumbed or stuffed into a submarine sandwich, he agrees to give up eating meat for the duration of Phoebe's pregnancy, to stop any 'extra' animals being killed. In another episode, he also gave the lucky blonde a smacker on the lips after she claimed to have never had "the perfect kiss".

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