Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best F R I E N D S: Phoebe Buffay

"I'm like, playing the field. You know; juggling two guys, sowing my wild oats. I'm like this oat-sowing, field-playing juggler."

Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock - er, sorry, Phoebe Buffay is next. Are you the kooky one of your friends?

- Phoebe grew up on the city streets, therefore she is bereft of a 'normal' childhood. She misses out on aspects of growing up and she deals with a lot of adult issues before she is  fully grown.

By the end of the series, we learn that Phoebe's life has been far from usual. She lost her mother and father at a young age, and had a tough upbringing on the streets. You might not have had such a mad upbringing but whatever it was that disrupted your childhood, it has left you known as the underpriviledged or 'naive one'. You are pretty straight-forward and take things a face value but this does not make you dumb: you possess 'street smarts' that your peers and friends may not. You don't let your past get caught up with your future
, but sometimes you remind others of your misfortune to get your own way. Be careful, as over time your friends will indulge you less!

- Because Phoebe is used to being 'different' (and somewhat enjoys it), she doesn't believe she will ever be happily married. She is also the most promiscuous of the girls, and has a lot of casual sex.

Whether or not your reluctance to conform is coupled with an unusual family life or not, like Phoebe you may not view marriage or relationships in the same way as your friends. Eventually Phoebe does realise marriage and kids are her kind of thing, but only once she finds the right man. Maybe you won't come to the same conclusion that Phoebe does (it IS a sitcom after all!)

- Phoebe does non-conformational things out of nobility and generosity: such as marrying her gay friend to give him a chance at his dreams and being a surrogate for her brother and his wife.

Although Phoebe didn't have a chance at a 'normal' beginning in life, the choices she has made into adulthood have been non-conventional. She seems to enjoy her lifestyle choices; being a vegetarian, working as a masseuse, not having a college education like her friends. Despite shaky beginnings, she is by no means lesser to her peers, and she is able to match wits with all of them. If you're like Phoebe, maybe you'll do things that are different just to try out a change in lifestyle. Even if you think you're doing the right thing, you will appreciate your friends and not preach to them.

Phoebe's Best Moment: [SEASON 4 EP. 11 "The One with Phoebe's Uterus"]
Frank and Alice, Phoebe's half-brother and his wife, are trying to have a baby and need a surrogate. Step in, Phoebe. As she considers the idea, her birth mother, who herself gave Phoebe up for adoption, gives her a puppy to take care of for a few days to allow Phoebe to experience what it is like to give away something she falls in love with. Eventually the time comes to give the puppy back and Phoebe is upset. Frank and Alice come in and she lets them hold the puppy: they are overjoyed, so she allows them to keep it. Upon seeing how happy her gift makes them, she realises that she is able to become their surrogate. (What a shame that the puppy belonged to Phoebe's mother!)

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