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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Campbell: A Turtle Bitch

I don't normally make a point of launching into crudities in my opening sentences but ARGH! What the fuck is wrong with Naomi Campbell!!

The temper-tantrum-throwing egomaniac "supermodel" has decided that Africa, of all places, needs a super-casino...and she's bulldozering over a beach where Green Sea turtles come to nest!

Pardon my obvious bias here. But according to the World Humane Society (yes I've gone and got my facts right before blowing my knickers off), all 6 of the genus of sea turtles (several of which choose the Indian coastal town of Malindi as their nesting place) are the most severely endangered species, surprisingly not just because of human interference.

And yet it is a federal offence in America (and now also Africa, if what I've read is correct) to be found disturbing a turtle's basking/nesting spot, ruining nests, filching eggs or trading in turtles as pets or meat. I have no problem with turtles being bred legally for food, many animals are; but to pinch baby sea turtles as they run down the beaches towards the sea, upsetting the whole brood and breaching state laws designed to protect them from humans.

I'm not one of those turtle-lovers that gets overtly upset and says something mad like "It's no different than stealing a human baby" because, let's face it, humans are more important (though if I had to choose between my turtles and say, my ex-boyfriend, no prizes for the correct guess there). But as humans we're meant to protect creatures, especially since they're in a lot more danger with the likes of us around. You don't even have to be religious to recognise that fact.

So in between punching flight attendants and lobbing mobile phones at her maid, Campbell wouldn't bat a Yves Saint Laurant mascara'd eyelash at the thought that she could be adding significantly to the falling number of endangered turtles. I believe she's also worn fur in the past. So there we go people, we are not alone; her inconsideration extends to animals as well. I for one will be campaigning against her, I hope maybe you'll think about it (but don't sweat, I know you're busy people). Let's just hope the lawmongers decide to abide by their own laws for a change and overrule her egomaniacal plans.

Teeny - "I'd skin and wear her if it wasn't frowned upon in general society"