Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Best F R I E N D S: Rachel Green

"I cannot believe I have to walk down the aisle in front of 200 people looking like something you drink when you're nauseous."

Rachel: girls wanted to be her, to the extent that women were taking pictures of her to the salons and demanding a 'Rachel'. But what are 'Rachels' really like?

- When we first meet Rachel, she has just walked out of her wedding after realising that she wanted her wedding gifts more than she wanted her husband.

Rachel comes from a rich family: her mother was a wealthy socialite who married her surgeon father and it seems Rachel is expected to do the same with her orthodontist fiance Barry. The fact that she gives up a financially 'safe' yet loveless marriage to pursue a worthwhile relationship and an independent life conveys her maturity above other girls of her upbringing; such as her spoilt sisters, Jill and Amy. Girls like Rachel may have had a privileged start in life either financially or otherwise, but they yearn for something more and often 'fly the nest'.

- Rachel is the most image-conscious Friend, and as a result of her mild vanity she undervalues domesticity and knows little about it. She is also a little arrogant, getting surprised when men fail to show interest in her.

Few women could make a trifle with beef without realising that something is wrong. Whether you started preening at a young age or maybe you simply preferred Textiles to Home Ec. in school, like Rachel you are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to home-making. Having said that you lack some qualities that can scare men off in the early stages, such as a more relaxed approach to housework and chores or initially low interest in starting a family. This may however need addressing when you get to a certain point in a relationship. There's no crime in wanting to look good and embrace popularity like Rachel, but like her you will learn to draw the line between taking care of yourself and becoming too self-absorbed.

- Rachel is often vague and a bit self-righteous in relationships. She fails to specify the terms of a 'break' early in her relationship with Ross, leading to the repeated refrain: "WE WERE ON A BREAK!!"

Despite the best efforts of the other friends, Rachel goes to a lot of time and trouble trying to tell Ross how she feels in an attempt to stop him marrying Emily. She isn't swayed by the fact that she has missed her chance; how she might not achieve anything except hurt and confusion, or the depth of Ross's feelings for Emily. As a Rachel, you can sometimes struggle to empathise with others and see things from their point of view. You can be a little stubborn, often not satisfied until you have got your point across. Sometimes you can resort to dirty tricks, like Rachel convincing one of Ross's girlfriend to shave her head so he would find her less attractive. On the other hand, Rachel has a lot of assertiveness which takes her from a poorly-paid waitressing job to a high-power career in fashion. And let's not forget, Rachel patiently pursues a relationship with Ross until they reconcile in time for a happy ending, just as the audience hoped. Aaaaw.

Rachel's Best Moment: [SEASON 10 FINALE "The Last One"]
"I got off the plane." Enough said.

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