Friday, April 10, 2009


Prepare yourselves, readers - PETA have done it again.

From the (almost) sublime re-branding of fish as 'Sea Kittens', to the ridiculous Ben and Jerry's incident of last year, I really thought that maybe PETA had put the crazy away and started to work on something more realistic, say, saving the severely endangered animals such as African white rhinos or tigers.

Heard of the Pet Shop Boys? Of course you have. What does the name immediately make you think of? Personally, I think mid-80s synth-pop sounds, West End Girls, Dusty Springfield making a comeback. I certainly don't think literally of boys that work in a pet shop. That'd be like listening to Iron Maiden and imagining the medieval torture device.

PETA have decided that the Pet Shop Boys should be renamed 'the Rescue Shelter Boys'.

Now, if I make my hands into fists and squeeze down so hard that I actually break my nails off in my own skin...I can almost see where they're coming from. Almost. Some pet shops - not all, mind, and not any of the ones I've come across thankfully - are guilty of malpractice. But to be honest, that's what the RSPCA are here for in this country, and I can happily say that they're doing a bloody good job. And surely, most people have the common sense to know if you've walked into a pet store where you suspect the animals are being mistreated, and to subsequently do something about it.

How is this going to help? Even if the Pet Shop Boys did change their name, all it would achieve would be media ruckus rather than social awareness. How can PETA supporters stand proud of their cause and not run away from their computers in shame, when they see their 'Animal Friendly' organisation casually step over the important issues and start putting kitten ears on goldfish.

With PETA, it's not "Cut Down on Over-Fishing", it's "DON'T EAT FISH EVER". It's not "Find Out Where Your Meat and Eggs are Sourced", it's "You Are a Killer". It's scaremongering and brain-washing the young and impressionable with tales of death and carnage rather than showing them how to prevent animal cruelty and suffering.

PETA, do yourselves a favour. Stop the ridiculous media circus acts, and really re-evaluate what you think is important. You are making a mockery of yourselves.


Rai said...

Wow. I have even more PETA-stupidity that you're gonna love. They've even organised a World of Warcraft anti-seal clubbing event.

The ironic thing is that I didn't actually know that there WERE baby seals in this game. I read a comment on the interwebs somewhere insisting that PETA is a cult.


Fox89 said...

Regrettably, this is actually one of the more useful things PETA has done. If you care about animal rights, for the love of Stalin don't join PETA.

They happily affiliate with and encourage acts of terrorism against facilities that conduct "animal cruelty", and around 80% of the animals they "rescue" are killed by PETA themselves.

Hypocritical scum make up the core of PETA, ignorant sheep make up 80% of its supporters. The entire thing is a joke. Hate to tell it like it is sometimes but there you have it. At least this time they're not actually causing any damage.

Brawny said...

OK, I know I'm a little late to comment here... but WTF???

Breast Milk in Ice Cream?? Changing the names of 80's pop acts to reflect where we should get our pets?

These people are crazeeee....