Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Ahhh...it's begun. It was two days ago, whilst doing the ironing (law in the Neet household: if you're gracious enough to iron, you get control of the TV remote). I was flicking through the eye-popping range of music video channels (i.e. the three we have that actually play music videos, not just a myriad of early-season South Park repeats and shows depicting a day in the life of some celebrated God-knows-who that's just got married/divorced/new boobs). Anyway, it's happened - the Christmas takeover.

Not only are they 'counting down' the very living moments (including the seconds, for Santa's sake) until Christmas Day, they've roped in a collection of crusty oldies such as Tony Christie and Noddy Holder to troll through 'The Nation's Favourite Christmas Song'. Now, if you're wise (or in fact even if you have half a brain) you can figure out that if it's MTV or VH1 you're watching, it'll be The Pogues; or if it's the cheaper and chavvier The Box or Kiss or some other Godawful deriverent it'll be Mariah Carey. YAWN. Why?

I have no trouble with Christmas songs at all, in fact they're even better because they're not subject to broadcast rules so they don't get mercilessly rammed into my ears every time I turn on to the local radio station. But now it's got to the point where you have two choices: watch the Second Band Aid video three times in a row on three different channels, or watch A Day in the Life of Someone Who Was Quite Famous in the 1980s on MTV One.

This has now become a staple for the so-called 'music channels' - I have now seen waaaay too much of Katy Perry and Beyonce's recent chart forays; turn on the radio to 'escape' and there they are again. I understand they're in the Official Top Howevermany, but why do I need to be reminded of this all the time? Surely there are millions of videos out there, dating back to the 70s or slightly sooner that you can play.

And there's the problem - MTV and friends have commercialised. It's not about the music any more, it's about "BUY THIS. Listen to this. Download this - OH LOOK! This is what you're downloading today! Download it some MORE!! WHY AREN'T YOU BUYING THIS?!!"

MTV - It's only still named that because Advertising Megalomaniac Wank-Fest Society TV is too long.

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