Tuesday, July 01, 2008

PETA-ing Out

Well, bang goes my social conscience. After seething about the mistreating of animals for the fiftieth time, I decided I might join PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

However after reading from sources of considerable bias (PETA website, furisdead.com) and taking in a middle-of-the-road account (Wikipedia, shamefully)...I decided I'd rather keep my morals.

Before you all scream at me and wave the famous pictures of a dead fox being held up by another dead fox Sophie Ellis Bextor, allow me to explain.

I would love to campaign against chickens being electrocuted by having electrodes shoved into their anuses, or of course the likes of Naomi "I'm going to sue you like a motherf*****" Campbell threatening to build on environmental reserves. But if it involves Veganism, comparing animal slaughter to the Holocaust (I shit ye not) or handing out pamphlets to schoolchildren entitled "Your Mummy/Daddy Kills Animals" and depicting a cartoon of a woman stabbing a rabbit in the stomach with a big-ass knife, then thanks but no thanks.

Not that Veganism is bad...but it's not for me. And yes, every cause has its finer points, but there's a fine line between fighting for a cause and extremism. PETA have been good by offering to neuter or euthanise sick pets in poorer parts of America. But dumping the bodies wherever they can speaks volumes.

The conclusion? Yes, I will protest, but I think it's time to think less mainstream and stand up for the causes I can really relate to.

Teeny - "That's an actual Campbell quote from The Times"


Sprog said...

Neuter a sick animal?
What's the bloody point? LOL

Ee Neet said...

If you knew what grammar was you'd understand that sentence.