Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rename Me

I'm interrupting my usual blog posts for a quick (and hilarious) message.

Despite everything, I've decided there's not enough wacko in my life, and so I'm auctioning off my own NAME for charity.

The charity involved is the worthiest ever - last Christmas my Mum was hospitalised. It was quick, horrible and unexpected; but the staff at the Hospital were so supportive and brilliant. In order to do such a stellar job they needed specialist equipment which is only available in certain parts of the country. One of these was a NovaLung, a blood re-oxygenator. If we can raise enough money for them, they may be able to afford their own. It saved my Mum's life: no doubt it can save others.

And now for some FAQ fun:

Why are you doing this?

I’m raising funds for the Critical Care facility within Poole Hospital. Hopefully if we raise enough they will be able to afford a NovaLung, which was a vital piece of equipment in helping Mum through her stay in the hospital last year.

How do I submit a name?

You can talk to either Brawny or Xel when you see them, or you can visit my JustGiving page and donate online and email your suggestions to

Submissions will cost £1 each, with all funds going towards the Critical Care facility.

Are you changing your whole name?

No, just adding THREE middle names.

What are the limitations?

According to Deed Poll UK, there is a list of restrictions:

-         No obscenities (including slang or biological terms)
-         No titles e.g. Lord, Sir, Doctor
-         No punctuation, symbols or numbers, e.g. @
-         Nothing pertaining to criminal activity, racial or religious hatred

The restriction on first and middle names is 250 characters, leaving you lot 237 characters to play with. J

On top of this, I encourage you to be creative but not cruel – “Monkeyface” is funny, “Fatty” is not. Brawny and Xel will be vetting the submissions.
Can I name you after my favourite celebrity/product?

Yep! According to Deed Poll, I can be named after a celeb or a brand/trademarked name as long as I don’t start releasing material under that name.

What happens if someone has already picked my suggestion?

If you nominate a name that is already on the list, you can either think of another one or you can choose to re-nominate that name. You can’t knowingly enter the same name several times, otherwise it isn’t fair on others.

When is the draw?

My new names will be drawn at 8PM on Wednesday 30th November at my local. Video will be taken of the event, which will be posted here and on Facebook.

Prior to the draw, each name will be placed in a bag. I will then draw the names out of the bag one by one. I am picking THREE names in total. There’s no going back, and I’m stuck with what I draw whether I like it or not! To soften the blow, I will decide what order the names go in.

What happens after the draw?

After the draw, I will sign the Deed Poll forms under my new name and send them off. I will then receive the documentation to change my name legally with the UK Passport office and the DVLA. My Facebook name will be changed to display my new name.

Come on guys, get thinking!!!

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