Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Message from Neety

I've been having a break from Blogging for many reasons, but I think it's time to explain mainly why.

I have had a few personal crises since late last year, and I've been trying for about a week to plan out a post explaining what those things were, but then I realised it was like trying to wring blood out of a stone (or Heather Mills; cut her and she bleeds acid). Some things you just can't explain very well.

Long story short, I'm going to take this Blog space not to talk about the latest game I played or what I think of certain celebrities; but to tell you about some things I'm involved in that give a little bit back to the world around me that has provided me with so many things that make me happy. Just like all of my other Blogs, I don't expect you to share my opinions or be remotely interested in any of this if you don't want to be, so I won't go getting on my high horse if you stop reading now. In fact, I won't know any better (or will I?)*

I'm going to start by telling you about an event I am co-hosting to raise funds for my local hospital's Critical Care unit. Since I know a lot of people who are into entertainment and singing through various groups or friends of similar interest, it's going to be a charity Karaoke fest. You can find out a bit more via the Facebook event here, which is open to absolutely anyone. The idea is that you pop down and for a small fee you can nominate either yourself or an unsuspecting cronie to sing. In the case of the latter, if your friend doesn't want to sing they can pay a £1 forfeit (all the costs go to the CCU charity so it's all for a good cause!)

You'll also see on the right hand side a little widget. That's useful for two things: firstly it tells you how the fundraising is going, and secondly if you click on it you'll be taken to the JustGiving page where you can donate to the cause online, should you choose to do so.

I'm also taking part in a few other fundraising events, namely Cancer Research UK's Race For Life. I'll be not only walking, but I'll also be pushing my Mum in her wheelchair and helping her along the flat parts that she can walk herself. So if you don't fancy sponsoring me, why don't you sponsor her because she's doing something way more worthwhile.

There will be more proper Blogs soon, but in the meantime, please visit either the Facebook page for the event or my JustGiving page to make an online donation. And remember, just like any of my other posts you can choose to ignore this if you like, I won't be judging you. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you at Chari-oke!

*No, I won't actually. Boo.

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