Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In my recent break from Blogging, I’ve been taking a look at my work from the years previous and I’ve realised that in past months, I really did get lucky. About 18 months ago I was jobless, joyless, morose and bloated and stuck in a relationship that was about as charming and life-affirming as the ebola virus. Today I sit typing in my cosy two-bed flat while I eat the dinner made for me by the companion I’ve always dreamed of. If I met my past self, Present Neety would have given Past Neety a rousing pep-talk a la Shakespeare’s Henry V and Past Neety would have responded by knocking Present Neety unconscious and making off with her purse (I was desperate; JSA paid a measly £48 a week.)

Cutting to the chase, I have to say that my cheery disposition has drained my bile, and as a result I have had less to whinge about. That and I’ve managed to balance a course in Birmingham, a house move, a sick turtle, two jobs, a show, a wedding and several other minor activities into the last month or so.

So in the absence of Blog material and the presence of petty excuses I’ve decided to re-model LADYBLOG once again. And I’m not just talking about the colour scheme, I’m talking structural layout. This is me pressing the T-bar on the explosives switch. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll be getting:

- Gasp! At the advent of descriptive ‘tabs’ which let you know which vein the post will follow: whether it’s a general rant, a review or a topic-specific article.

- Marvel! At the amalgamation of Take it or Leave it, my ill-fated reviews site with LADYBLOG to create one organised Blog.

- Wonder! At the new site layout and colour scheme (hey, I’ve just moved home, I’m in that kinda mood. It might even change again.)

- Laugh! With the introduction of illustrations, hand-drawn (loosely termed) by Neety herself!

- Ponder! The links to relevant articles, media and showcases from fellow Blogs, as well as collaborations from a range of sources: other Bloggers, websites, social networking polls, etc.

Now I must say that I admire those who can apply deadlines to their work, and in my admiration I must say that I will not be conforming to any strict deadline. I will be however starting to plan out my Blogs in advance and will aim for an update at least once a week in any chosen format. The first couple of weeks will be a trial format and I may change the layout of tabs and Blogs as I go.

May I end with a thanks to my loyal readers: LADYBLOG’s been going for a little while now and without trying to sound like Halle Berry collecting her Oscar in a veil of tears and showbiz snot I am genuinely overwhelmed by every comment I receive, or everyone who has personally admitted to reading a Blog (even if they didn’t necessarily like or agree with it). So thanks to you guys. Stick with me; the best is (hopefully) yet to come.


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