Sunday, December 06, 2009

MEN: Breaking News, Women Love You [Part 3/5]

MOMENTARY DISCLAIMER: Hi there guys...I'm shuffling sheepishly back into your eyelines after my indefinite hiatus, brought on by firstly finding a job (WOOHOO!) and secondly taking on the role of Musical Director for Zenith Theatre's upcoming production (more news later). Here's the third installment in the "Men in Print" series. The fourth and fifth editions will be an ongoing project that you shouldn't expect this side of Christmas as it involves a collaboration.

Guys. I'm sure you're sick of me pointing this out to you by now, but you haven't had the best time in the press lately (and by lately I mean - well, ever). OK, so rights are never basically equal between our two sexes and they've still a long way to go, but Glass Ceiling aside, I know you're sick of being misrepresented: just read any of my Blog comments after the last two articles.

So I enlisted the Ladyfriends to help me out. I'm not going to dress this up any further, just to say that these were all genuine responses from my bevy of beauties: real women who responded to the question "What is the nicest thing any man any man has ever done for you?" So whether you're recognised as a brilliant brother, a fantastic father or the best boyfriend in Britain, here's to you.*


"My best friend bought me flowers for my Birthday. He picked the colour to co-ordinate with my bedroom, and he did it because he knew my boyfriend at the time refused to buy me flowers. It was the most thoughtful gift I think I've ever received."


"Hit 'Next' on a CD player to avoid a song that seriously gives me the creeps. Now I know that sounds an odd one to choose but it'll always stick in my mind. We both had long-term partners so he wasn't trying to impress me, it was just a really nice reminder that I had friends who liked me enough to remember which songs I liked and hated."


"Roses every month, and taking me shopping in London; all paid for."


"Ooh...a meal out for my Birthday, and being taken shopping."


"A surprise weekend away a few months ago...All I knew was to pack a bag for the weekend. We stayed in an amazing hotel and had a fantastic time."


"Just been there."


"Not holding grudges like I do. He just ignores idiots, and does it with a gruff kind of dignity."


"Still loving me when I'm like a stroppy five-year-old!"


"Putting up with my 'shit'."


"Sticking by me when I've fallen out with people. The way my brother treated them afterwards was with the utmost disdain - not something I expected or asked for, but it made me feel like someone cared that I was hurt."


So there we have it. I'm not going to say much more, except that I think everyone who reads this Blog has a girl or three out there that would happily tell the world how great they are. (Oh - and if you recognise yourselves, please keep it between yourself and the Ladyfriend in question.)


Fox89 said...

Whey hey! I was wondering just the other day actually if LADYBLOG would ever be back!

Any man who reads this will feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Though they would never admit it. Oh and er..I don't either. I'm cold and heartless like a proper man! ^^

Sprog said...

I concur with Luke. We are cold and hard and feel no emotion about this. Honest.

Brawny said...

*Defiantly shows emotion*

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

Az or Fox said...

Warm and Fuzzy. These have no place in my cold grey world.


Anonymous said...

No hablo warm and fuzzez.

Rebecca said...

Haha. I know you're all feeling warm and/or fuzzy, you liars...

...apart from Az. He's so tight, you could shove a lump of coal up him and you'd have a diamond in less than a week.