Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'Cause this is F I L L E R! Fi-ller Niiight...

Seeing as though yours truly is off in the general Isle of Wight direction tomorrow night, I don't really see much point in offering the select handful of you that actually read this tripe a proper post. So this is going to be a filler, probably one in which I outline the basis of my week thus far and then shove photos of Soupy and George at you like some over-zealous parent. Sorry and all that. If you wish to make a complaint do so into the mirror; I find it helps practice for when I meet Jehovah's Witnesses or Tory Party candidates.

So in the words of the late Orson Welles*: "Look at my turtles, wenches".

This be George. He's in the grass.

*There is a slight possibility that Orson Welles didn't say this. Sorry.

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